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Bailarena's Bakery - List of Products

Bark, Brittle and Toffee   Cake   Chocolates
These products will be available in the near future.
  All Occassion Cake
Bar Mitzvah Cake
Checkerboard Cake
Crown Cake
Flowerpot Cake
Dragon Cake
Megilla Cake
Thank You Cake
Wedding Cake
  These products will be available in the near future.
Cookies Cupcakes   Dipped Delights
Animal Cookies
   Bee Cookie
   Duck Cookie
   Fish Cookie
Apple Cookie
Baby Cookies
   Baby Bib Cookie
    Baby Bottle Cookie
   Baby Carriage Cookie
   Baby Duck Cookie
    It's a Boy Cookie
    It's a Girl Cookie
Bar Mitzvah Cookie
Bon Voyage Cookies
Chanukah Cookies
    Dreidel Cookie
    Menorah Cookie
    Star of David Cookie
    Wrapped Present Cookie
Father's Day Cookie
Food-Shaped Cookies
    Carrot-Shaped Cookie
    Grapes-Shaped Cookie
   Orange-Shaped Cookie
   Pear-Shaped Cookie
Get Well Cookies
    Aspirin Cookie
   Bandaid Cookie
    Doctor Cookie - blue
    Doctor Cookie - pink
    Pill Cookies
    Prescription Cookies
Heart Cookies
   Double Heart Cookie
Mask Cookies
Mother's Day Cookie
Purse Cookie
Rose Cookie
Rosh Hashana
   Shofar Cookie
Shabbos Cookies
   Challa Cookies
   Kiddush Cookies
   Shabbos Candle Cookie
Sukkos Cookie
   Esrog Cookie
   Grapes Cookie
   Orange Cookie
   Pear Cookie
   Sukkah Cookie
Teapot Cookie
Thank You Cookies
Tier Cookie
Wedding/Sheva Braca Cookies
   Anniversary Cake Cookies
   Heart Vort Cookies
Baby sleeping in blanket cupcake
Cupcake with large rose
Chocolate Fountain cupcake
Party Cupcakes
  Chocolate Covered Apples
Chocolate Covered or Dipped Fruit
Chocolate Covered Marshmellows
Chocolate Covered Pretzels or Pretzel Rods
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Petit fours Popcorn   Baby

Choclate Petiti Fours
Lemon Flavored
Orange Flavored
Rose Petit Fours
Strawberry Flavored

  Caramel Chocolate Popcorn
Caramel popcorn tin
Caramel popcorn with Belgian   chocolate
Caramel popcorn with Belgian   chocolate tin
White and dark chocolate   popcorn
White and dark chocolate   popcorn tin
White chocolate popcorn
White chocolate popcorn tin
White chocolate with caramel   popcorn
White chocolate with caramel   popcorn tin
  Baby bib cookies
Baby bottle cookies
Baby carriage cookies
Baby duck cookies
It's A Boy cookes
It's A Girl cookies
Number one cookies
Train cookies
Bar Mitzvah   Chanuka   Pastries
Bar Mitzvah Cake
Tefillin cookies
Torah cookies
  Dreidel cookie
Gift box cookie
Menorah cookie
Star cookie
  Cinnamon Buns
Mini Cinnamon Buns
Mini Pecan Tarts
Purim   Rosh Hashana   Shabbos
Crown Cake
Crown cookies
Gragger cookies
Hamantash cookies
Mask cookies
Megilla Cake
Mishcoach Manos cookie basket
   Apple cookie
Bee cookie
Carrot cookies
Fish cookie
Shofar cookie
  Candle cookies
Challa Cookies
Wine cup cookies
Sukkos   Tu B’shvat   Wedding/Vort/Sheva Brachos
Esrog cookie
Grapes cookie
Orange cookie
Pear cookie
Sukkah cookie
  Apple cookie
Chocolate dipped apples
Chocolate dipped dried apples
Chocolate dipped dried apricots
Chocolate dipped dried pineapple
Chocolate dipped nectarines Chocolate dipped peaches
Chocolate dipped pears
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Grapes cookie
Lemon cookie
Orange cookie
Pear cookie

  Chocolate covered Choson and Kallah apples
Chocolate jewelry boxes with wedding ring
Double hearts cookie
Heart cookie with bow
Heart cookie with roses
Wedding cake cookies
Wedding cake tiered cookie
Wedding cakes 
Personalized Bailarena Creations        
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